13 Essential Apps for Korea Travel 2022 (Download for Free)

Unlike the past, this tech-friendly age has given us so many options to make our travel safe and convenient. And by being a traveller you surely have certain smartphone applications that serve you well for any trip, like Klook, Airbnb, Google Maps, and so on. 

But when we travel to countries like Korea, Japan, Vietnam, or China, we face difficulty in communication. Because these countries’ people barely understand English and on the other hand, we barely understand their language.

In such cases, smartphone applications are the most helpful companion. 

Now, if you’re planning a trip to Korea, the situation is the same and you would find communication problems. So take your phone and download these 13 essential Apps for Korea travel 2022. And all these apps are totally free to download.

What is covered in this article?

Travel Guide

When you’re visiting a new destination, particularly a new country, a travel guide may be the first thing that you would look for. 

Unlike the past days, now we really do not depend on a person who can guide us in a new place. Rather we prefer technology or apps to guide us. 

Here are some travel guide apps that will serve you on your trip to Korea.

1. Visit Korea

13 Essential Apps for Korea Travel
Visit Korea apps Android screenshot

Visit Korea is a well known Korean app that is specially made for travellers by the Korea Tourist Organization. This app will give you multiple services like tourist attractions, tour courses, information about Korean, Korean festivals, finding restaurants and shopping centers, exchange rates, weather updates, and many more.

So this one app can make your Korea trip so much better. Furthermore, the Visit Korea app is managed by the South Korean Government, which makes this app much more reliable than any other app.

And if you can’t manage an internet connection, you can always save information for the offline visit.

Download: iOSAndroid

2. Trazy

Trazy travel apps
Trazy apps Android screenshot

Trazy is the short form of travel+crazy. This app is very helpful and essential when you’re finding a travel guide app. Trazy not only shows you unique attractions and trendy things to do but by using this app, you will get discounts on tickets and tours as well.

Who doesn’t love discounts, especially when you’re on travel and the budget is tight? You can have the best deals on most Korean attractions and activities with only a few clicks.

Download: iOSAndroid

3. Klook

Klook Korea Android screenshot

There is barely any traveller who doesn’t know about the Klook app. This app is useful for any destination or country, including Korea. 

If you’re a regular traveller, I am pretty sure you already have this app on your mobile phone. Klook is a great travel guide that also offers numerous alluring deals on tours and tickets. 

Moreover, if you’re a regular user of Klook, you can have a special loyalty discount the more you book tickets and tours through it.

Download: iOSAndroid

Translation & Communication

In a country like Korea which doesn’t use English as their first language, travellers face communication problems a lot. Because we hardly understand a single word of the Korean language. 

On the contrary, Korean people are not very used to of English language. In such a case, translation apps are lifesavers.

Here are the two transaction and communication apps that would help you to understand and translate the Korean language into English.

4. Papago

Android screenshot

My personal favourite translation app is Papago which I have been using for years. It not only helped me on my Korea trip but also on trips to Japan, China, and Vietnam. 

Papago is an app from Naver Corporation that supports nearly 13 languages, which is pretty awesome for travellers like us. Furthermore, it can translate images, voice, and handwriting as well.

And from my personal experience, I can tell you this app will give you more accurate translation than any other app.

Download: iOSAndroid

5. Naver Korean Dictionary & Translate

Naver Dictionary
Android screenshot

If you’re willing to do some chitchat with locals in the Korean language, you can use Naver Korean Dictionary & Translate, which is specially made to translate the Korean language. But don’t think that it only serves you in Korea. This appointment can also translate languages like French, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, and more.

Yeah, you can say, ” I have Google translation, which is the number one translation app in the world”. I admit it. But do you admit that often Google translates stupidly, which has no meaning?

I bet you do notice that. Well, with the Naver Korean Dictionary & Translate app, you would not face such awkward translations. This application will give an accurate translation of the Korean language.

Download: iOSAndroid

Social Network

Social network is undoubtedly a significant benefit of having a smartphone. If you’re coming to Korea to meet a local friend, you certainly have to have a social network app to stay connected. 

6. Kakao Talk Messenger

Kako Talk
Android screenshot

Kakao Talk Messenger is a number one social network app in Korea that is used by nearly every Korean person. This app has so many features. Apart from texting and calling, you can share photos and videos, transfer money, and share your current location.

All you need is to have an internet connection to use this app. This app helped me a lot to stay connected with the host of Airbnb. So if you don’t use the Kakao Talk app, it could be a bit difficult to stay in touch in Korea.

Download: iOSAndroid


When you’re in a new place, it is no need to say that you need to have a Map that will direct you through the town or country. In the past days, travellers carried a printed map and a compass to direct themselves.

But in the days of technology, who carries such things as printed maps or compass, right? So here, you need a digital map on your phone to direct you through Korea.

7. Naver Map

Naver Maps
Android screenshot

In Korea, you will not get much benefit from Google Maps as it doesn’t work well there. For security purposes, the Korean Government declares to store the map data on the local server. 

So it would be more handy and helpful if you use the Korean local map application, the Naver Map. Besides showing the exact location, this app gives you more facilities to make your trip easier. 

When you’re in a foreign country, it is hard to have an internet connection all the time, particularly on the road where you’re finding some address. Isn’t it a familiar problem to you? 

Naver Map can be the solution to this problem. You can download any location or address and then you can track that location offline, without data. Furthermore, this app supports languages like English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Download: iOSAndroid


Transportation apps are unavoidable at any destination. So you have to have these apps to travel here and there in Korea. And some of these apps will also give discounts on ticket prices.

8. Subway Korea

Subway Korea
Android screenshot

Subway Korea is another local map app that shows the subway routes of some major cities and areas of Korea. With this app, your Korea trip would be more convenient. 

The Subway Korea app tells you which route would be the fastest and easiest to get to your destination and also shows the to-the-minute train schedule. The best part is that you can also use this app offline.

Download: iOSAndroid

9. Kakao Metro

Kakao metro
Android screenshot

Kakao Metro is locals’ favourite app that shows the most convenient and fastest routes and public transportations. By using this app, you can find stations, the best transport, transport schedule, and how fast the transport is. So this one app can give you multiple services.

Download: iOSAndroid

10. Kakao Taxi

Android screenshot

Not every time we manage to take public transport, especially when you are loaded with luggage. In such a case, you certainly need to grab a taxi and the Kakao Taxi app is the most trustable for this purpose.

This app works like Uber. You just have to give your current location and your targeted destination. Then you’ll have the “Request Taxi” button, click on it. That’s all! Within a few minutes, your taxi will come to pick you up.

Taking a taxi from this app is the safest and most convenient way, where you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off.

Download: iOSAndroid

Exchanging Currency

The name of the Korean currency is Korean Won which you need to exchange with your home currency. Here is the app that will help you out.

11. XE Currency

Android screenshot

XE Current is a very useful app when it comes to exchanging your home currency for Korean Won. This app helps you to understand the currency rate and change it according to that rate.

Download: iOSAndroid

Find  Food & Restaurants

Many travellers’ travel purpose is to taste the local cuisine. But at a new destination how would you know which food or restaurant is the best and local favourite? 

Here are the apps that will help you find out the best food and restaurants in Korea.

12. MangoPlate

Android screenshot

MangoPlate is one of the most popular apps to find the best restaurants in Korea. It shows you more than 200,000 restaurants with their rating and review. So you can have multiple options to choose a fine restaurant to dine at. Furthermore, this app is available in the English language which makes it more convenient for travellers.

Download: iOSAndroid

13. Yogiyo

Android screenshot

If you’re not willing to go to a restaurant, you can always order food online through the Yogiyo app. This app will give you delivery anywhere. Yes, I mean it ANYWHERE, whether you’re in your hotel, hostel, Airbnb, or outside. 

For example, you’re chilling at some famous attraction in Korea, and you feel hungry. Immediately you can order food via Yogiyo which delivers food within only 30 minutes. Sounds good?

Download: iOSAndroid

To make your Korean trip hassle-free and enjoyable, you surely should use these applications. Because these apps will help you at every step. And if you have been to Korea and used any of these apps, let us know how your experience has been. We are eager to know your travel stories!

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