13 points we DON ´ T like concerning Bali

It could be unsubstantiated nevertheless those favorable Bali short articles, however Bali can additionally draw a huge fat one every now and then. It may be heaven, however that doesn ´ t imply it ´ s ideal by any type of stretch of the creative imagination.

We such as to maintain our traveling motivation reasonable, so right here goes: the 13 points we DON ´ T like concerning Bali!

Sidenote: we are gon na utilize some blasphemy since in this instance, it ´ s proper

Street canines

Bali has a major concern with road pet dogs. You locate them anywhere as well as anywhere. Loads of them stroll in the roads, they shit all over, and also they can be rather hostile sometimes. They are NOT in itself pleasant, so maintain your ignorant hand far from their mouth when experiencing them.

And damn, can these pets obtain the F far from the coastlines ?! They maintain shitting anywhere, goddammit. Ugh!

The Bali Struggle: no cash in ATM ´ s

Jesus friggin Christ, can someone fill these ATM makers ?! And why can we just withdrawal 3 million IDR?! That ´ s nearly200bucks, which equates right into you mosting likely to the ATM several times a week. Ugh!

Ridiculous pricey fitness centers

This is so silly, and also it seems like an overall ripoff. The health clubs, that westerners check out to remain in form, request an unbelievably high charge. Standard health and fitness health clubs attempt to ask dual to triple what I paid in Holland, as well as the premium health clubs like The Body Factory risk to ask 7 times the quantity I spent for a comparable health club. To place that in viewpoint: I paid around 20 bucks for my month-long fitness center subscription in a quite outstanding health club, yet the exact same subscription would certainly can me concerning 150 bucks per 4 weeks at The Body Factory.

Crossfit health clubs, MMA fitness centers, yoga exercise courses, and so on. you pay 5 to 15 bucks for one solitary course. Damn, that ´ s so pricey! And also it ´ s insane pricey if you contrast it to the expenses of holiday accommodation, transportation, as well as the quantity you spend for food. Ugh!

Plastics on the coastlines

I put on ´ t understand that as well as why, however they maintain tossing enormous quantities of plastics in the rivers. In the rainfall period, these rivers overflow right into the sea, which converts right into unclean butt seas and also coastlines. Tidy that sh t up Bali federal government! Ugh!

It can be rather warm!

For paradise’s benefit, can we in some cases reject the warm right here ?! The moisture can transform Bali right into a sauna, specifically in the stormy period. This is from +- November till April, that makes Bali not actually a heaven area to remain in throughout these months … Ugh!

Corrupt polices

It ´ s constantly heartbreaking when you come across a human that has negative intents, particularly if they have power over normal people like us. Policemen in Bali can be valuable sweeties, however additionally criminals that rip-off vacationers out of cash with awful methods. Be really knowledgeable about the regulations, so they put on ´ t choice you out of the group. They will certainly attempt all the methods in guide to compel you to pay them cash. Which cash is entering their pockets, not the federal government as well as to individuals of Bali.

Indonesia is understood for corruption all throughout the board, and also you as a fun-loving visitor will certainly experience this extreme fact. I would actually wish the federal government would certainly deal with low-level corruption due to the fact that visitors bring a lot cash and also success to the nation. You wouldn ´ t intend to dissuade them ahead to locations like Bali as a result of some asshole police officers. Ugh!

Now that we understand exactly how bad points can be, we wear ´ t understand if I would certainly recommend travelers as well as totally free birds ahead to Bali …– And as a result of this corruption/bureacracy, we will certainly not spend right into Bali, which indicates if lots of capitalists assume such as this, they are fcking it up for themselves in the future.

Insider suggestion: the primary going across in Ubud, put on ´ t go there! These satanic forces in cops clothing will certainly tear you off!

Pro-tip: Get the best insurance coverage for your trips. You could run into some insane things in the process and also it can conserve you thousands if you have the best insurance coverage!

Annoying suppliers that put on ´ t take no for a response

If you appear like a westerner, a traveler, or simply have a white-ish skin shade, after that I will certainly assure you these road suppliers maintain bugging you to purchase touristy spunk. Thank them pleasant, as well as maintain leaving! That ´ s not a choice if you ´ re cooling on the coastline … Ugh!

So, currently you recognize that Bali isn ´ t constantly a picture-perfect heaven. Put on ´ t allow us prevent you to go to this rich eco-friendly heaven pail listing place, it ´ s remarkable right here!


Friggin heck, there need to be as several mobility scooters as there are individuals in Bali. Driving about on a mobility scooter is a great deal of enjoyable, yet it can be rather busy in website traffic, specifically in the city locations like Seminyak and also Denpasar. As well as this website traffic has an odor! Ugh!

Shitty pathways

Some roads have the most awful pathways we ´ ve ever before seen, particularly in Canggu. You will certainly experience huge openings in the dreadful sidewalk and also will certainly need to withstand numerous harmful scenarios with the currently hysterical website traffic.

A mobility scooter is an essential in Bali! Walking/hiking is not a choice. Ugh!

Bali Belly

If your intestine is not made use of to these seasonings and also germs, you may wind up with a lengthy day with the commode for 2-3 days. We averted one of the most ugly/simple/dirty-looking neighborhood dining establishments and also food stalls. They may be more affordable, however we wear ´ t wan na risk our health and wellness. We just mosted likely to dining establishments that looked correct. And also we didn ´ t have Bali-belly whatsoever!

Pro-tip: get on your own Yakult! It ´ s extremely economical in Bali as well as you can discover them almost everywhere. This pro-biotic aids with your roar in the forest

Racisme lives right here

We saw ladies covered from head to toe, while it being rather warm, to ensure that they won ´ t come to be much more brownish. This makes their social standing less than whiter Indonesian women. WHAT THE FCK PEOPLE?!

They also getting bleaching creme to look even more white, making them better in the eyes of outright racists. Wow, didn ´ t believe bigotry would certainly be so extreme on this side on earth, however it ´ s really active below. I want the ladies (as well as guys) would certainly welcome their lovely brownish skincolor. You individuals are stunning (!)

Also, there is some refined bigotry versus tourists/western site visitors. They call us ´ bule ´. And also you will certainly experience some hostile neighborhood individuals that simply put on ´ t like immigrants in any way (talking the language a little as well as imitating a kind individual that has regard for the society adjustments that incidentally!).

A layer of awful

The legendary nature, the stunning rice areas, the type individuals, the stunning holy places, and also the millennia-old routines and also practices are all impressive points you ´ ll see on Bali, however there is something hideous regarding it too …

While running around the island, you ´ ll experience numerous awful stores, hideous residences, hideous roads, and also unsightly walkways … It ´ s simply not really attracting the eye. You could be in heaven, however heaven additionally has a lot of individuals that put on ´ t have any type of cash and also still need to make points job. Ugh!

The Canggu Shortcut suckssss

Can someone please repair this very worn-out little faster way in the heart of Canggu ?! Put some blocks in these openings, sjeez! Countless individuals utilize this roadway each day, as well as not repairing this trouble immediately is simply awaiting somebody to fall under the ricefield. Once more. Ugh!

We shared numerous Stories on Instagram of our journeys in Canggu. Must-visit coastline clubs, coffee shops, holy places, coworking areas therefore far more. Check it out totally free birds!

Bloody insects!

It ´ s an exotic heaven below, that ´ s without a doubt, however that additionally implies you ´ ll need to manage an entire lot of pesky insects, specifically during the night. These hazardous little buggers might possibly contaminate you with dengue, which can make you actually unwell. We ´ ve listened to young thirty-somethings obtain hospitalized as a result of it. Usage insect webs, leave a follower on, as well as constantly do a complete search prior to going to sleep. Ugh!

Conclusion: Broken Paradise

So, yeah, Bali is excellent. It ´ s a heaven, yet a busted one. If you are a traveler passing away by Bali for 1-2 weeks, you ´ ll have a blast. If you remain much longer, you ´ ll see the uglier sides of this heaven island …

Don ´ t allow this checklist prevent you to not go. We composed numerous passionate short articles concerning exactly how outstanding Bali is. You will certainly enjoy it right here, yet you do understand currently what to anticipate!

And lastly, obtain the ideal traveling insurance coverage prior to mosting likely to Bali. Long shot something takes place, however points do take place on this wild island!

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