The 30 Famous Foods in Bangladesh

Like every various other nation of the Indian subcontinent, Bangladesh likewise has a selection of foods. From lip-smacking treats to tasty treats, Bangladesh has every little thing. Regretfully, most individuals assume that Bangladeshi as well as Indian foods coincide. To bring you out of this reasoning, allow me present you to the 30 Famous Foods in Bangladesh that are a must-try.

What is covered in this write-up?

The Best 30 Famous Foods in Bangladesh to Try in 2022

1. Shingara and also Samosa

Famous Foods in Bangladesh

Shingara as well as Samosa are 2 prominent treats in Bangladesh. They are a triangular-shaped deep-fried bread full of veggies or meat. The distinction in between Shingara as well as Samosa is that, shingara is a little bit half-cracked, whereas Samosa is crunchy. Samosa is generally loaded with meat, as well as Shingara is full of spiced potatoes.

Samosa initial come from the 10 th century in Central Asia. Later, when the potato was presented in the Indian subcontinent, the potato came to be the primary dental filling of Samosa That’s exactly how Samosa transformed as Shingara.

Samosas as well as Shingaras can be discovered in middle-class dining establishments and also road food carts in Bangladesh.

2. Pitha

Pitha picture by Wikimedia

You can take into consideration pitha comparable to pancakes, dumplings or fritters. Pithas can be made all over the year, however Bangladeshis choose to consume pitha, particularly throughout Winter. Pitha advises every Bangladeshi of their youth days back in their town.

Pithas can be both pleasant as well as savoury. They are made from rice or wheat flour. In Bangladesh, coconut, jaggery, cloves, veggies and so on, are made use of as dental fillings in various selections of pitha. Making a pitha needs a great deal of ability; you can not make them simply by seeing a dish video clip on Youtube.

Another point that makes Pitha among the top Bangladeshi foods is that it was come from Bengal. Some well-known ranges of Pitha are- Puli pitha, Chitoi pitha, Vapa pitha, Dudh chitoi, Narkel puli, Pagan pitha, Nuner pitha, and so on

3. Porota/Paratha

Porota/Paratha Photo Wikimedia

You may have come across Paratha, the common morning meal recipe of every Indian. Porota and also Paratha coincide points really. Amongst Porota as well as Paratha, there is just a distinction in enunciation of both words, whereas the dish of the recipes continues to be the exact same.

Porota is a half-cracked bread made from flour, salt and also oil. You can consume Porota with any type of kind of curry or veggie. There are various ranges of Porota Fulkobi porota packed with cauliflower and also Aloo porota packed with potato are both most preferred ranges of porota This recipe initial come from India as well as later on came to be prominent in the subcontinent.

4. Luchi

Luchi Photo by Wikimedia

The procedure of making luchi and also porota is fairly the very same. Porota is thicker contrasted to luchi It stemmed from the Bengal area as well as is popular in Bangladesh, Assam, Odisha, West Bengal and also Tripura. It is a deep-fried, flawlessly round-shaped, puffed flatbread.

Luchi can be offered with veggies, mutton, or any type of type of curry. It goes completely just with Aloor dum or mutton curry. It is truly simple to make this meal, and also it can be functioned as morning meal, lunch or perhaps supper.

5. Mughlai Porota

Mughlai Porota
Mughlai Porota Photo Wikimedia

Mughlai porota is an unique type of porota that entered into being while of the Mughal Empire. This soft porota is packed with eggs, oil, chilli, and also onions.

It is rather tough to make this recipe as I myself attempted it as soon as. As this meal is easily offered in roadside dining establishments, there’s no requirement for all that tough job. You will not have the ability to fail to remember the preference of Mughlai porota if you attempt it at the very least as soon as.

6. Aloor Chop

Aloor Chop
Aloor Chop Wikimedia

During Ramadan, you will certainly locate Aloor slice in every Bengali house, so you can count this recipe as one of the leading Bangladeshi foods. This meal came from the Indian subcontinent.

The word Aloor slice implies potato fritters As the name recommends, the recipe is packed with spiced potatoes, covered with breadcrumbs or pea-flour outside and after that fried.

7. Beguni

Beguni Photo by Wikimedia

Beguni is an additional prominent treat throughout Ramadan in every residence of Bangladesh. Words ‘Begun’ implies eggplant. beguni is a fritter with eggplant as the padding. To boost the preference of the recipe, various seasonings and also salts are additionally utilized while making it.

8. Fuchka


Fuchka, among one of the most tasty Bangladeshi road foods, is a round-shaped, crisp flatbread packed with mashed potato, lentil, onion, coriander, and also various type of flavors. It is offered with tamarind water to offer a sour preference to it.

You will certainly be surprised to preference fuchka as you will certainly obtain a mix of spicy, wonderful, as well as crisis, done in a solitary recipe. It is among the leading Bangladeshi foods, particularly for young people that like to associate their buddies as well as treat them within their spending plan.

9. Bhuna Khichuri

Bhuna Khichuri
Bhuna Khichuri Photo Wikimedia

Rain and also Bhuna Khichuri go together for Bengali individuals. When individuals really feel careless to prepare something hefty throughout the stormy period, they favor to make Bhuna Khichuri

Bhuna Khichuri is a baked recipe constructed from rice as well as lentils. Various seasonings, veggies and also ghee are made use of to improve the recipe’s preference. It is offered with mutton curry or pickle. It’s a soothing food for the Bengali individuals and also really simple to make.

10 Panta Ilish

Panta Ilish
Panta Ilish Photo Wikimedia

If you concern Bangladesh throughout the initial day of Bangla New Year, i.e. on the 14 th of April, you will certainly see nearly every Bengali consuming Panta Ilish It is a standard and also among one of the most prominent Bangladeshi foods Panta Ilish is usually panta bhat offered with ilish. Panta bhat is remaining rice taken in water all evening, and also ilish is fried Hilsa fish.

The practice of this meal originated from the old Bengali individuals that had absolutely nothing much to consume, so they utilized to saturate and after that prepare remaining rice. And also as you may understand, Hilsa fish is the nationwide fish of Bangladesh, so individuals incorporated these 2 food products and also transformed them right into one. Various type of dried out fish as well as pickles are likewise offered with the recipe.

11 Morog Polao

Morog Polao
Morog Polao

Morog Polao is among the leading Bangladeshi foods, particularly throughout unique events, like wedding events, Eid, and so on. Polao is generally rice, yet not normal rice. I imply, it does not taste like normal rice because of the enhancement of various flavors. When polao is offered with poultry, the recipe is called Morog Polao

12 Kacchi Biriyani

Kacchi Biriyani
Kacchi Biriyani

Kacchi biriyani is a high-end food of the Bangladeshi individuals, mainly offered at large wedding celebrations. If you discover this recipe at any type of wedding celebration in Bangladesh, you can presume that the family members holding the wedding celebration is abundant.

It is an abundant and also tasty rice recipe prepared with seasoned meat and also various type of seasonings. One of the most fantastic point concerning this recipe is that it tastes fantastic also with no type of curry. You will certainly discover Kacchi biriyani in practically every dining establishment in Bangladesh. Do not neglect to attempt this scrumptious biriyani when you are in Bangladesh.

13 Bharta

Bharta Photo Wikimedia

Be it inadequate or abundant, bharta is an essential meal in every Bangladeshi home’s lunch or supper. Bharta implies mashed, and also in Bangladesh, they make mashed give out of nearly every veggie. You will certainly likewise locate mashed fish products in Bangladesh. Virtually every dining establishment in Bangladesh has Bharta on its food selection.

14 Chotpoti


Just like Fuchka, Chotpoti is one more well-known road treat in Bangladesh. Words Chotpoti suggests spicy, so this treat is a zesty mix of chickpeas, potatoes, onions, seasonings and also tamarind chutney. Basically, it is a spicy and also sour semi soup. Roadside food stalls as well as dining establishments offer this food. Some individuals likewise make this treat in your home throughout household celebrations as well as unique celebrations.

15 Haleem

Haleem Photo by Wikimedia

Haleem is a Ramadan staple food in every Bangladeshi home. This recipe came from Arab back in the 10 th century. Back then, it was referred to as Harees. Later, individuals of Hyderabad relabelled it as Haleem

Now, this meal prevails in the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East as well as Central Asia, specifically in the Muslim nations. Haleem is a soup with lentils, wheat or barley, beef, and also various type of seasonings as the cornerstone.

It is a high-calorie meal that supplies healthy protein from meat as well as fiber and also carbs from grains and also pulses. I presume this is the reason that Haleem is a leading Bangladeshi food for damaging quick throughout Ramadan. You will certainly locate this meal as a night treat throughout whenever of the year in dining establishments as well as roadside stalls.

16 Grilled Chicken with Naan Roti

Grilled Chicken with Naan Roti
Grilled Chicken with Naan Roti

The most offered recipe in Bangladeshi dining establishments is barbequed hen with naan roti Hen is smoked with various mixes of seasonings as well as offered with an oven-baked flatbread, which is called Naan roti.

While strolling in the marketplace of Bangladesh, you will certainly see lots of dining establishments toasting hen in a glass stove near the front door. It is an unique approach to attract consumers in, and also this method really functions.

17 Shatkora Beef Curry

Shatkora Beef Curry
Shatkora Beef Curry

Shatkora is a lemon-like fruit that expands commonly in the Sylhet area of Bangladesh. Sylheti individuals mainly call it Hatkora. When beef is prepared with shatkora, the curry obtains a distinct preference and also fragrance that you will not discover in any kind of various other curry.

Shatkora beef curry is mostly a homemade Bangladeshi food that is prepared specifically throughout Eid-Ul-Adha. You can discover it in some of the dining establishments in Sylhet. The scent of shatkora is so attracting that you will not have the ability to stand up to sampling the tasty Shatkora beef curry

18 Kala Bhuna

Kala Bhuna
Kala Bhuna Beef

Another leading Bangladeshi food throughout Eid-Ul-Adha is Kala Bhuna This meal came from the 17 th century. The location of beginning of kala bhuna is still unidentified.

The word Kala indicates black, as well as Bhuna suggests deep-fried. kala bhuna is made by deep-frying the shoulder items of beef marinaded with standard seasonings. After being completely prepared, it acquires dark black colour, so it has actually been called kala bhuna

It is usually offered with ordinary rice, roti, as well as pulao. Besides Eid-Ul-Adha, kala bhuna is likewise offered throughout Eid-Ul-Fitr, sehri, iftar, and also wedding events.

19 Shemai


Shemai is a really renowned treat in Bangladesh, particularly offered throughout unique celebrations like Eid. It came from Bangladesh and also is thought about to be a remote relative of the Afghani desert, large khurma

Shemai is made by blending baked vermicelli with milk, sugar, ghee, nuts, and also completely dry fruits. Regardless of being exceptionally prominent, this meal isn’t readily available in food stalls as well as dining establishments. You can just locate this treat at Bangladeshi household features.

20 Sooji Halwa

Sooji Halwa
Sooji Halwa Photo Wikimedia

Another leading Bangladeshi food consists of Sooji Halwa It is made by toasting in ghee or oil and also sugarcoating, nuts, coconuts, as well as dried out fruits. In Bangladesh, it is a very preferred treat thing offered on unique celebrations. Apart from Bangladesh, sooji halwa is additionally prominent in India and also Pakistan.

21 Seekh Kebab

Seekh Kebab
Seekh Kebab Photo by Wikimedia

Seekh Kebab, which came from India and also Pakistan, is just one of the leading Bangladeshi foods. The soft as well as delicious kebabs are prepared by barbecuing the blend of different flavors with carefully cut meat. You can consume this meal by itself or with porota, naan roti, and also bread.

22 Rasgulla

Rasgulla Photo Wikimedia

Rasgulla or Roshogolla is a popular treat product in Bangladesh. It is a ball-shaped dumpling constructed from home cheese and also prepared in sugar syrup. Some individuals assert that Rasgulla come from India, while others think that it came from Bangladesh.

If we look past these insurance claim battles, we will certainly see that this meal is prominent in the Indian subcontinent. The factor for the appeal of Rasgulla is that the soft and also cosy dumpling merges the mouth so rapidly. It’s an essential treat thing in every Bangladeshi home throughout unique celebrations.

23 Jilapi

Jilapi image Wikimedia

Jilapi as well as Jalebi coincide points, yet Bangladeshi individuals incredibly despise it when a person addresses Jilapi as Jalebi. Never ever address Jilapi as Jalebi when you are in Bangladesh as well as never ever address Jalebi as Jilapi when you are in India– perplexed, a lot?

Without puzzling you extra with my babbles, allow me inform you what Jilapi really is. It’s primarily a treat that came from back in the 10 th century made by deep-frying the maida flour in round forms, taken in sugar syrup at the end. It is a crunchy treat, specifically offered throughout Ramadan in Bangladesh. Jilapi is additionally prominent in India and also Pakistan under the name Jalebi.

24 Ras Malai

Ras Malai
Ras Malai Photo Wikimedia

Ras Malai or Rosh Malai is an additional tasty treat thing that possibly has actually stemmed someplace in the Eastern Indian subcontinent. Some individuals error Ras Malai with Rasgulla, however these 2 aren’t the exact same point.

Ras Malai is constructed from squashed spheres of home cheese taken in clotted lotion. You will certainly discover this meal in practically every confectionary of India, Bangladesh and also Pakistan. The Ras Malai of Comilla District in Bangladesh as well as Kolkata in India are incredibly preferred.

25 Falooda


Falooda, a chilly treat thing that came from Iran, is currently among the leading Bangladeshi foods. It is a mix of noodles, milk, climbed syrup, pleasant basil seeds, and also vermicelli. It is most scrumptious when it is offered with gelato.

Falooda preferences various from every various other desert because of the visibility of various components. You will certainly locate it in every Bangladeshi dining establishment. It is additionally made in your home by Bangladeshi individuals throughout summertime.

26 Chingri Malai Curry

Chingri Malai Curry
Chingri Malai Curry Photo Wikimedia

Chingri Malai Curry or Prawn Malai Curry is a prominent meal throughout Bengal. The cornerstones of this recipe are shellfishes as well as coconut milk, combined with turmeric powder, onions, garlic paste, ginger paste, ghee or mustard oil and also different savory flavors. In Bangladesh, Prawn Malai Curry is generally offered at wedding celebrations and also various family members features.

27 Shorshe Ilish

Shorshe Ilish
Shorshe Ilish picture Wikimedia

Shorshe Ilish is taken into consideration to be a favorite food product in every Bangladeshi residence. This meal is prepared by blending hilsa fish with mustard, sliced eco-friendly chilli, turmeric powder, black cumin, red chilli powder, as well as salt.

28 Kacha Golla

Kacha Golla
Kacha Golla

Kacha Golla is among my individual much-loved treats. It is a ball-shaped treat made with home cheese, sugar, as well as milk. The distinction in between Kacha Golla with various other Bangladeshi treat products is that it isn’t juicy like the various other ones. As well as also with no kind of pleasant syrup, the treat is so soft that it thaws inside the mouth extremely promptly.

29 Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi
Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi that came from the Bogura area of Bangladesh, is a fermented wonderful yoghurt. It is made by an unique method. Although it can be located in every confectionary of Bangladesh, Mishti Doi of Bogura still holds the highest degree of popularity.

30 Borhani


In a lot of Bangladeshi wedding celebrations, visitors finish their dish by alcohol consumption Borhani I’m additionally finishing my checklist with this typical spicy beverage. Borhani is made from sour yoghurt, coriander, mustard seeds, black salt, and also mint. It assists food digestion, so I presume this is why it is intoxicated after square meals.

Now inform me, the number of the top Bangladeshi foods have you attempted? Prior to you leave, allow me inform you that than tasty foods, Bangladesh likewise has some stunning traveler locations. When will you be coming to Bangladesh?


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